Monday, June 14, 2010

Romneya coulteri--Matilija Poppy

Sometimes this plant is called the fried-egg flower. I can see why; the 6" flower with white petals and yellow center does bear a certain resemblance to a sunny-side-up egg. And since both the scientific and common names are unpronounceable, "fried egg" would be the fallback. However, it is not hot and greasy and the petals look more like crepe paper than egg white. So I stuggle with the other names and people generally understand me. We in the native propagation area at the UC Botanical Garden have finally had some success with this plant, and the seedlings are now on their way. I am hoping to have plants for sale in a could of months. The plants are tall, about 6', and the flowers are generally at the top, so if you are planting one, it is good to find a spot where they can be enjoyed from above. Very drought tolerant and dependable once they are established. Another great California native for California gardens. Blooming now all over Berkeley.

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Jeffrey said...

Matilija Poppy is said to be a larval host for an attractive flower-visiting geometrid moth, Neoterpes edwardsata.