Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yesterday, my Albany Adult School butterfly class met at the Tilden Botanical Garden to go for a walk. It was cool and overcast, so we didn't see many butteflies, but the ones we did see sat around long enough so that we could get a good look at them and identify them. There was a field crescent trying to camouflage itself on an orange sign and a woodland skipper on the path, also well camouflaged. We enjoyed being out amoung the plants and maveled about how many were in bloom in September. We will meet one more time in the classroom and go for one more walk. Hopefully it will be sunny next week.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday, Andy and I did a presentation at MIG, a landscape architecture firm in Berkeley. It was the first time ever that Andy had put together a powerpoint presentation, and I must say it turned out rather well. Very nice pictures of butterflies. And he brought in plants to show what the caterpillars like to eat. He put a lot of work into his presentation.

On the other hand, I was lazy. I just put the monarch lifecycle in the DVD player, and played it. I didn't even narrate like I usually do. The audience seemed to really appreciate the presentation, and some stayed afterwards asking questions.

It is a busy week. Tuesday was my class at Albany Adult School, and Friday I am supposed to give presentations at LeConte. We have to take advantage of summer while it is still warm and sunny.