Saturday, June 12, 2010

LeConte School Butterfly Table

On Saturday, exactly one week ago, Andy and I set up a butterfly table at LeConte School for their end-of-the-year festival. Andy lives across the street from the school and has put many hours into the butterfly garden there. Andy created many lovely jars, including anise swallotails, a gray hairstreak, cabbage whites, gulf fritillaries, etc. Many parents and kids came by learn about the life cycle. Basia thought the garden area would be best for us, but we decided to set up under a tree. The garden area was too isolated, and our display is not large enough to draw people from afar. I usually have to catch the walking by and ask them if they want to see a butterfly egg. Who can resist that? So, under the tree was pleasant on a hot day, but it was in the thick of things. We had to protect the table from the balls, riding toys, and running youngsters. We didn't want the glass vases to be bumped off onto the ground. But we were successful, nothing was damaged. The little girl in the picture ran off to get her mom's cell phone so she could take a picture of the caterpillars. So sweet!

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