Monday, June 28, 2010

Anemopsis Californica--Yerba Mansa

This plant, Yerba Mansa, grows in the vernal pool area of the UC Botanical Garden. Clay or sand, sun or shade, it really doesn't care. It grows and spreads as long as it gets a bit of water. Since it grows in marshes and meadows, it seems like it should need lots of water, but I guess that just isn't true. Pretty white flowers in spring and summer. Red foliage in the fall. The plant has fragrant leaves, and Indians used it medicinally for a long list of ailments. An antibacterial tincture of the root is available for purchase from Amazon to treat problems with the stomach, lungs or urinary tract.This is a great plant that can be used around a pond or even as turf if you can give it some water. Available for sale now on the plant deck at the UC Botanical Garden.

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Jeffrey said...

In a book by Lynn & Gene Monroe, Butterflies & Their Favorite Flowering Plants, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park & Environs, I was surprised to find it recorded that the Large White Skipper visits yerba mansa flowers for nectar.