Sunday, June 13, 2010

Davidia involucrata--Dove Tree

When you step under the Dove tree, the light becomes very special. Sunlight filtered through the many white bracts (petals) of this tree is just DIFFERENT. And that is the first cue that you have found Davidia. The second maybe the many large objects on the ground that look like white leaves. Finally, you look up and see what look like many Doves sitting in the tree or many white hankerchiefs hanging in the tree, and you realized that this is Davidia, blooming now and worth the visit in itself. But there are so many other things to see! It grows streamside in one of my favorite spots in the UC Botanical Garden. It is shady, wet and cool next to the stream. But in just a few steps, you can feel like you are in the desert. And indeed, the desert and the woods are right next to each other in a fascinating juxtaposition. Plants from around the world arranged geographically make this a very special place.

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