Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aesculus californica

This is a pink buckeye, now in bloom at the UC Botanical Garden. Usually they are white, but this one is a much more interesting color. I tried to get seeds from it to propagate and sell, but, no there were no seeds last year. I don't know why. So we do have buckeyes for sale (the Native Propagation Area is open for plant sales most Thursdays from 10:30-1:30, including tomorrow) but the seeds came from other trees. The seeds are toxic and the Indians used them to stun fish and make them easy to catch. The nectar is toxic and can kill bees and other insects. A buckeye tree can be a great addition to a native garden.

The buckeye is one of dozens of species of native plants for sale. If you are looking for healthy plants to add to your garden, this is the place. In fact, why not go to the East Bay Express survey and vote for UC Botanical Garden as the best Native Nursery in the east bay. Thank you!

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