Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tabebuia heterophylla--Pink Flowering Trumpet Tree

I visted Decanso Gardens in Pasadena on Sunday. It was a wonderful place from start to finish. Before the car was even parked in the lot, these big trees covered in pink flowers bowled me over. The flowers look a bit like those of Catalpa, and indeed, this tree, Tabebuia, is in the same family, Bignoniaceae. When I walked up to one of the trees to get a closer look, I found a bee sleeping in a flower. The day was rather overcast and drizzly. I wonder if the bee ever woke up.

The  tree is native to Central and South America. It does well in Southern California, judging by this specimen. But I have never seen one in the Bay Area, so I guess it is too cold here.

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