Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Funny Front Yard

On Saturday I attended the Venice Home and Garden Tour in Southern California. Some of it was was redundant. I think almost every home had a patio made of big flat stones with small stone or plants in between them. It was nice. But not new.

However, one of the first houses I looked at had a very unusual front yard with weedy grasses being the main plants. I think it was oats and rye. Great start to a butterfly garden! I told the homeowner that skippers like the lay their eggs on grasses. He said he like the grass idea, but that the grasses were dying back. I suggested Ehrharta as a great alternative. It is very green and grows all year long

Some people may think that suggesting a weed is a bad idea. But skippers love Ehrharta! It is a great host plant! Easy, low maintenance. The perfect grass for shady places. 


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