Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maianthemum stellatum--False Solomon's Seal

The False Solomon's Seal is now in bloom at the UC Botanical Garden. I love the way the plants cuddle up to the oak tree and the starry flowers are so pretty. It is six-petaled starry flowers that lead to the common name. Solomon's seal was in the shape of the Star of David, which is six-sided. The ring with the seal gave Solomon power over genies and demons and the ability to speak with animals. I wonder what he said to the butterflies? Another plant has the name Solomon's Seal. I think this one is called False Solomon's seal because it is very similar and people mistake it for the other plant. So, it is the plant that is false, not the seal.

This would be a great plant to include in a sacred plants tour. It seems like it would also be a great plant for a ground cover in this area, but I rarely see it in gardens.

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