Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Babiana rubrocyanea--Baboon Flower

Blooming now at the UC Botanical Garden. Those are my photos, but Annie's Annuals has a great write up of this species:

"Inky purple blooms with a glowing red center make this perhaps the most striking of the “Baboon Flowers” for the garden & this species is no slouch in terms of toughness either. Clay, drought, poor soil, deer – it takes all comers. Just watch out for those pesky baboons. Babianas like a dry Summer rest, but we’ve discovered that they can take some Summer water just fine. Where hardy, you’ll find that this species will increase every year, gently but steadily - profusely enough to share, but not so much as to ever be unwelcome. A fine bulb! Grows to 1’ high & is in flower from around mid-March to early-mid April. Summer deciduous & returns with the Winter rains. From South Africa.
Claire Woods


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