Thursday, August 25, 2011

Collection Papercraft

This craft was easy to create. My graphic artist used a drawing of a butterfly she previously created. Then she adjusted the antennae so they didn't stick out so much; that way the butterflies could be cut out without trying to cut out the antennae separately. Next, she copied about fifteen onto a page. Then she adjusted the sizes and proportions so they all looked a little different. Voila! Done!

Anyone could do a papercraft that looks like a butterfly collection without any pattern at all. Just draw a bunch of butterflies. Cut them out. Fold them in half. Glue them to a piece of paper. Then you have a collection. Or maybe a display. Exhibit? Medley? Whatever!

I was a bit concerned about asking the Butterfly Gardener Magazine to publish this craft because it was about collecting and they are definitely anti-collecting. But, I did a write a nice paragraph about how people USED to collect but now photos and listing of species is the standard way to document what you have seen. Funny thing, they were fine with the craft, but didn't want me to use the word "collection." So I called it a "medley." Maybe "exhibit" or a "display" would have been better words, but I didn't have much time to change my text and didn't think of those words until later.

Taking the photo of the papercraft was the hard part. I wanted shadows to show the 3D quality. But the shadows in this photo are too harsh. Interesting. But harsh. I took about two dozen photos before I got one I really liked. If you want to see it, you will have to join the North American Butterfly Association and get the magazine.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

LIfecycle Papercraft Done

I finally got the lifecycle papercraft completely done. This pic was taken before the final details were taken care of and it is on reused paper, but you get the idea. It sort of looks like a crown, but it was designed to sit on a flat surface, not a head. It is a little too small for a head. I think it is simple and clear. Maybe needs a kid to color it, but otherwise, it is brilliant!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yesterday Andy and I took the menagerie to Green Camp at the UC Botanical Garden. As the kids arrived bit by bit, we showed them the eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises. The first child to arrive (in the striped hoodie) got and explanation of everything in the display. The kids that arrived later got the abbreviated version. They were a bit young to truly appreciate the experience, but they were attentive. The camp counselors and some of the parents got a butterfly education, too. As usual, the cages were masterpieces of design. The last Anise Swallotail caterpillars pupated within hours. I'm glad the kids got to see them.

Then, when we were done, Paul showed up with freshly dug Trilliums and asked us to help plant them. They are all in pots now. I hope they do well. I get worried dealing with such valuable vegetation. The pic is from January when they were in bloom. Now they are dormant.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Strybing 2011

Andy and I went to the Garden Fair at Strybing in San Francisco yesterday. It was overcast and sometimes quite windy. We wore jackets all day!

The guy next to us was selling orchids. Very lovely display, and I think he sold quite a few.

I think this is a wonderful picture of Andy showing a little kid an Anise Swallowtail eggs. Aren't they cute!??!!

Lots of people came by our table. I went over the gulf fritillary life cycle about a million times. This is first time ever that my line failed. Twice! Two people said that they didn't want to see my butterfly egg. How could they??!!

It was rather a smelly day. Across the aisle from us was a guy selling lavender. It was lovely to look at, but the smell was so strong and harsh. Yuck! I don't understand why anybody likes that. Then, later in the day, after I went to bed, a skunk let lose. Double yuck!

But I didn't get a headache from all the "fragrances" so I am happy. I had a great time introducing people to the joys of butterflies. Had a great time talking to Andy and Liz. Very lovely day!