Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sidalcea malvaeflora--Checkerbloom

Yesterday it warmed up and the butterflies came out. While I was looking for eggs in the front yard (to take to the old folks home, see previous post) I found this West Coast Lady on the mallow in my driveway. I put the plant in years ago and never expected it to survive, since I don't baby my plants. All I do is pull up the weeks occasionally. But it has done rather well between the concrete strips of my ribbon driveway. And I think it is great that this butterfly thought it was the perfect place for her offspring.

So, this plant is easy to grow. It has pretty pink flowers. It tends to flop over and has grown very close to the ground in my yard, but I have read that the bloom stalks are often more upright. This plant can withstand heavy clay soil, like that found in Berkeley and beyond. That is unusual for native, it seems like most of them like good drainage. This plant is a real winner in my book!

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