Friday, October 22, 2010

My Movie is on Netflix!

Now everybody can watch a great butterfly movie. In the Company of Wild Butterflies is now available through instant view from Netflix.

My brother, who made the film, said, " I would have never made it to Netflix without you." We are a great team. I had to convince him to make the movie, but once he got started he had a great time.

Lots of incredible closeups and lots of great info.

Pictured here is a Gulf Fritillary on Passiflora subpeltata. I love the lavender halo in the white flowers, and the Gulf Fritillaries love to lay eggs on this plant.

Don't forget! Watch In the Company of Wild Butterflies! Then rate it! It is excellent!


aphidlover said...

Is this the movie about butterflies that was shown at UCBG a couple of years ago? That movie sure opened my eyes! It's a rough and tumble world out there for butterflies!

Hey, after reading Martin Snapp's column this morning I went looking for the time and date of your last butterfly walk of the season at UCBG. I finally found the date buried way down under "About Me" -- but no time is given. Please advise -- and why not make it a separate blog entry so it shows up near the top of the home page?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! (a bit belated)... Aphidlover took me to your movie at UCBG and it was AWESOME! Beautiful and surprising and very educational...I still think of it quite often. Who knew butterflies could be so mean! I don't do Netflix, so i can't rate it, but I hope lots of people have... Jessie W.