Tuesday, September 14, 2010

physalis alkekengi var Frachetti--Chinese Lanterns

Have you seen those bright orange Chinese Lanterns for sale in florists' shops this time of year? I have seen them and purchased them, but I had no idea that they started out as little yellow flowers. I love the mosaic of the leaves with the flowers held high. It is native to not only Japan, but also southern Asia and Europe. The orange lanterns are formed with the calyx matures into a papery seed cover. This plant is easy to grow and can even be invasive.


SciMix said...

I love Physalis. In November, the Physalis husk ends a journey and the fruit, scattered by the wind, begins one. Thanks for the genuine photos.

Jeffrey said...

I was a tad surprised to learn -- from a thorough study of the butterflies of Clark County, Nevada published the Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera -- that some butterflies come to the flowers of Physalis crassifolia, a Mojave desert species.