Monday, September 20, 2010

Cunninghamia lanceiolata--China Fir

Even though this evergreen conifer is called a fir, it is not actually a fir tree. Fir tree cones are upright on the branches, but as you can see, this tree has pendulous cones. The green female cones look cute with their upturned scales. Note that the male (pollen) cones are in a cluster of perhaps
20. I guess the men like company. The mosaic on the ground of the fallen branchlets is just lovely! Also a fire hazard, apparently, but isn't the duff always a fire hazard?

The wood is soft and scented, probably a bit like cedar. Here, the cedar is used for closets or blanket chests. In China, the Cunninghamia is used to build coffins and temples, among other things.

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