Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monarchs Overwintering

I was up on Albany Hill today looking for Monarchs. Many were clustering on the west side of the hill, but they are hard to find. They are so camouflaged when they are hanging in the trees. They look just like dead leaves. I was looking for clusters, and others were counting. Over 1,000 altogether. After we were done, I took this pic of one sunning. 

Monarchs are also overwintering in Berkeley in Aquatic Park. First time ever! Or maybe: first time in recorded history! Those are easier to get to. Lots of people are going to view them since this article in Berkeleyside.

I wonder how long they will stay there. They could move on to another location. Or maybe the clump will get bigger and they will stay all winter. Time will tell. 

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