Monday, July 15, 2013

Cedrus Libani--Sacred Plant

This cedar is mentioned in the Bible 75 times. It was used in temples, palaces, ship masts, wardrobes, and chariots. It was also used to purify lepers and circumcise boys. According to the Psalms, the tree was created to glorify god and planted by god. So god planted the cedars to glorify himself? Didn't she plant everything? I'm confused!

Other cultures also used this tree. The Phoenicians used it to build ships and houses. The Egyptians used it in mummification. It was commonly exported. In fact, it was loved to death. Consequently, conservation efforts first started in CE 118 by Hadrian.

As you might guess, the Cedar of Lebanon is a national symbol of Lebanon and is on the flag of that country. Lebanon is called the Land of the Cedars sometimes.

The Cedar of Lebanon has been in use in gardens for hundreds of years. This one is in the UC Botanical Garden.

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