Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walk in the Rain

On Tuesday, I was scheduled to do two butterfly walks, from 3-4 pm and from 4-5 pm. It rained and drizzled and misted all morning. The weather didn't clear in the afternoon, but at least it wasn't raining. Some hummingbirds were flying, but that was about it. No butterflies were flying in the UC Botanical Garden. So Andy brought the specimens up, and we spend most of the time talking about the specimens and butterfly gardening. Then, just when we were getting ready to pack up and go for a walk, the Monarch emerged. So, we showed that around, and then went for a walk. We saw water striders and a snake. Then when we got back to the entrance, we had another look at the Monarch, which had expanded its wings. Most everybody seemed very appreciative, even though we didn't get to see insects in flight. 

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