Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monkey Hand Tree

I first posted this pic in my blog in June 2010.


Then in May of this year, someone who claimed to be from Natural History Magazine contacted me and said that they wanted to use my photo in the May issue. I was suspicious. After all, it was already May, and she was using a gmail account.

I contacted the magazine, and they said that it was legit. So I gave permission, and asked for money.

And this month, I got the "May" issue of the magazine, with my photo. And credit! No money as yet, though. I guess the message is that everybody like to take pictures of pretty flowers. But it can be hard to find pics of of seeds and seed pods.

The article, titled, "Curse of the Monkey Hand Tree" is a story about the search for Chiranthodendron pentadactylon  in habitat in Mexico. A nice piece, if you like reading about intrepid botanists, which I do.

It was just a snapshot taken at the UC Botanical Garden. And now I am famous! ;-)


ma smalls said...

Sally! I get Natural History magazine and read that article. I wondered why the authors neglected UCBG when searching for specimens!!

ma smalls said...

I read that article in Natural History magazine and wondered why they neglected UCBG in their search for specimens!