Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ladies on Lavetera Olbia

I took these pics a couple of days ago at the UC Botanical Garden. A few days ago there were many Ladies on this Lavatera. But many were gone by the time I took the pictures. Maybe birds or spiders ate them. Or maybe they wandered and pupated. But they seem to think that this plant is really yummy. I don't know if they are West Coast Ladies or Painted Ladies. But there they are, caterpillars in December in Berkeley. This plant is a seedling of a garden accession, and the horticulturalist was going to remove it, but he decided to wait until the larvae are done feeding. Isn't he sweet?


Anonymous said...

We've been finding lots of West Coast Ladies on mallow in the area since 12/31 and even today. Also just saw your documentary on Netflix -- very interesting!

Caterpillarlady said...

So glad that you appreciated "In the Company of Wild Butterflies." It was fun to work on.

So, lots of West Coast Ladies. Great! Where are you?