Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Caterpillar Killer Papercraft-number 1

So, I am working on a new papercraft, about things that kill caterpillars, like wasps, dragonflies, birds, pesticides, snakes, disease, etc. Maybe I should call it enemies of caterpillars. I don't know; just because the caterpillars die doesn't mean that is wrong or bad. I think it is good that caterpillars provide food for birds and other insects. But calling them "killers" sounds so violent. Maybe I will have to come up with some different wording. Maybe something about being part of the food web. Or maybe something about population control. If all the caterpillars lived, we would be overrun with caterpillars!

The first iteration is very simple. Just a caterpillar on a leaf with drawings of things that kill caterpillars around the edge.

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