Monday, May 9, 2011

Aristolochia manshuriensis seedlings

These babies have been such a lot of work. First I ordered the seeds online. Then they had to sit in the fridge for awhile. Months, if I recall correctly. Then I planted them. Tiny tiny seedlings came up. They were outdoors when when the weather got cold, and I thought they had frozen to death. But this spring they have come back stronger than ever. I hope that I can keep them going. Those are 2" pots, so they are really not very big yet.

The pipevine swallowtails really seem to like this vine. I have had Aristolochia californica for years without having any butterflies visit. I am hoping that this vine will be more of an enticement.

This plant is toxic. It will destroy your kidneys. Don't eat it!

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Jeffrey said...


I wonder why and where you got the impression the Pipevine Swallowtail really likes Guan Mu Tong, that it might be even more of an enticement than our native California Pipevine.