Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ceanothus Berry Hill

We have Ceanothus foliosus Berry Hill for sale at the UC Botanical Garden. But the sign has no picture because there doesn't seem to be one on the internet. So, I am filling in that gap. Except that this plant has no flowers. I wonder if it already flowered or if it will flower later this spring....? I am tempted to hold on to one of the plants so that I can get a photo of the flower. Hmmmmmmm!

Anyway, it obviously has tiny leaves and is evergreen like all (most?) Ceanothus. Internet sources say that it is a variety of "Wavyleaf Ceanothus" and that it mounds to 2-3'. Hardy to 10 degrees F. Brilliant blue blossoms in spring. From the book "Ceanothus" by David Fross: "It is unlike any other ceanothus available in the trade. Wiry stems are lined with tiny, pebbled leaves that have a glossy, polished appearance. Plants mound to 2 feet high with a 4-6 foot spread and are covered each spring with small, round clusters of vivid blue flowers. Although it is not a particularly garden tolerant selection and often short-lived, its distinctive character is compelling. 'Berryhill' is useful in rock gardens, perennial borders, and on dry slopes, the bright shiny leaves adding year-round interest."

Maybe you want to try it in your garden? No room in mine!

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