Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polypodium calirhiza--Polypody Fern

This fern looks so lush and lovely now at the UC Botanical Garden. It is at its best in the rainy season, and dies back in the summer. I love the bright yellow spores under the leaves (I guess they are actually sporangium, but who says that?). It grows in Oregan, California, and Mexico, sometimes in the ground and sometimes in trees. The name comes from P. californicum and P glycyrrhiza because it is a hybrid of the two and recognized as a separate species in 1991. It likes growing in the shade, under oaks and other trees.
The Polypody ferns look so lush and lovely now, after all the rain.

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Jeffrey said...

The ferns are the first of the larger types of plants to perk up after it begins to rain. After it begins to rain I sometimes go out to appreciate ferns and mosses.