Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Anole

The Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin has its own special reptile, just like the UC Botanical Garden has the Western Fence Lizard. I several of these dinky green girls around the garden, but most were well camouflaged in the foliage. This one, out on a rock, was displaying itself prettily. Within Zilker are several theme gardens, including a Prehistoric Garden with plants dinosaurs ate, an Herb Garden, a Japanese Garden, a Rose Garden, and a Butterfly Garden. Very lovely, with lots of shade and pools, but rather noisy because of the freeway and the parking lot is a bit small. But we were lucking and found a spot to park and had a great time wandering the grounds.

I think this is a Green Anole, but I am not absolutely positive. The Green Anole is very common is Austin, lives in suburban gardens, and eats insects. If you think it is something else, let me know.

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Jeffrey said...

Looks like a green anole to me. I lived in Austin for six years and the gardens in Zilker Park were a favorite hangout for me.