Saturday, July 10, 2010

Epipactis helleborine

A weedy orchid? Is that possible? I guess so, because Epipactis helleborine is just that. It was imported from Europe to use medicinally, and got out of hand. Some people put a lot of energy into getting rid of it without success. Personally, I would let it grow. The flowers are small and green, but the lavender tint and dark center make them very charming. An orchid volunteering in the yard? How wonderful! This one is near Willard Park in Berkeley. In the shade, among the rocks. I hope it is happy there for many many years.

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Jeffrey said...

Epipactis helleborine showed up in Cupertino just a few years ago and is getting weedier and weedier ... several came up in my sister's yard, where she stopped watering and allowed a lawn to die. The City Naturalist is finding a lot of them on a portion of Stevens Creek that has been restored. It is a beautiful weed ... seems to like disturbed sites.